Current biochemistry topics: Major topics in biochemistry include;


1. Proteins: structure, function, and classification

2. Enzymes: kinetics, mechanisms, and regulation

3. Carbohydrates: structure, function, and metabolism

4. Lipids: structure, function, and metabolism

5. Nucleic acids: structure, function, and metabolism

6. Metabolism: catabolism, anabolism, and energy production

7. Signal transduction: pathways and mechanisms

8. Cellular respiration: glycolysis, Krebs cycle, and electron transport chain

9. Photosynthesis: light reactions and carbon fixation

10. DNA replication: mechanisms and regulation

11. RNA synthesis and processing: transcription and RNA splicing

12. Protein synthesis: translation and post-translational modifications

13. Gene expression: regulation and control

14. Molecular genetics: DNA sequencing and manipulation techniques

15. Bioinformatics: computational methods for analyzing biological data.

These topics represent a broad overview of the field of biochemistry, but there are many more

specific subfields and areas of study within the DISCIPLINE. These and more shall be considered and explained in subsequent post.


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